Post 6: #Coronavirus and a global perspective

We are still trying to go global! A few friends and I are chronicling our experiences during the #COVID-19 lockdowns, quarantines, and other restrictions. Tonight we write from Fairfax, VA, USA; Beirut, Lebanon; and Malaga, Spain. Special credit to Mayya S. in Herndon, VA, who came up with the idea for us to share our experiences.

Care to join us? 

@rafifj in #Malaga, #Spain

Day 6 of #coronavirus lockdown. I’ve been alternating between upbeat (went out, felt the sunlight, bought groceries, heard from friends & family) and devastated (count in Spain is now 20,000 and rising about as fast as everywhere else in the world).

Happy to work productively; crushed to learn about Italy’s military deployment.

Up. Down. All freaking day.

What is going to happen to us? Adam and I play around with what-if scenarios over dinner as we try to address his anxieties over high school graduation, Fall semester, and the inevitability of a prolonged lockdown.

Despite being in near-constant touch with friends and family, we feel alone. 

Blog 6_rafifMeanwhile, #Trump’s press conferences continue to be shitshows as he dominates the stage and spews idiocy when he should let the experts do the talking. What’s up with the press corps? Why aren’t journalists walking out en masse?

Here I go on my downward spiral.

But wait! Let me think nice thoughts. Clapping Time is always the best part of the day for me. For tonight’s event I called family in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and McLean, VA, and kept them on speaker so they could hear and clap with us.

Solidarity from around the world. But we’re still on our own.


Tina F. in Fairfax, VA

After feeling down and rather stressed out yesterday, I decided to heed the advice of my fellow bloggers. Although my husband and I are under self-quarantine, the outdoors is not off-limits (yet). So we took a drive to the country and looked at nature. Walked in the fresh air and took pictures of how nature is metamorphosing into spring regardless of the stock market crashing and the shortage of toilet paper. The cows are all out in the pasture no social distancing enforced upon them, but it looks like they instinctively know.

Yes, my friends, I feel better today.

Later I will make a list of things to accomplish daily.

Tina_Blog_Day 6

Photos by Tina F.


RJD in Beirut, Lebanon

In Lebanon, we kiss three times when we see someone, even if we saw them yesterday!

We also hug a lot! And we double dip all our food!

This morning when I woke up, I couldn’t stop giggling: I am going to finally be liberated from all 3 of the above!!!! Thank you life-post-Corona.

We also tend to overreact and out-do one another. It’s just the way things are.

With life-post-Corona, we are all going to claim that we survived Corona. All 4 million of us! We will share stories of who got sicker, which hospital did a better job, the BEST doctor and nurse in the country, and who got more visitors while in the ICU.

What we don’t do well during the Corona lockdown is heed to the advice of the authorities. Not all of us anyhow; there was the Corniche incident on Sunday.

Yesterday, there was a spike in the numbers because some areas weren’t taking things seriously. Just like students on Spring Break in Miami. Except we don’t have Spring Break – what we have is “going for a coffee at the neighbors” or “I can withstand Corona, let’s go hang out.”

Today, my husband (who is 74) and I needed to go to a bank appointment to get money (that’s just how things work over here now – Blog 6_Ranaanother story for another day). Waiting in the lobby to get to the bank, there was no social distancing. The security guard handed out gloves with his bare hands.

The worst part was that the guard removed his mask so he could smoke, then blew smoke in all our faces. Then he took our temperatures.

HELLO? Anyone out there?

So I smile at what happens in life-post-Corona and get depressed at life during Corona. I think I will walk to the kitchen now…daily exercise…make a cup of Afghan Sweet tea and call it a day.


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