Post 14: #Coronavirus and a global perspective

Day 14. The days are dragging on, and we are nowhere near resolution of the #CoronaCrisis. We’re still chronicling our experiences, though. Join us!

We have so much great stuff here tonight, I decided to save my own post for tomorrow. Read on to hear from Tina F,. Sunny M., Norma B. Wallace, and RDJ. And surprise! We have a little song for you at the end, so put on your dancing shoes. ~ RafifJ

COVID-19, a Crime Buster

Tina F., Fairfax, Virginia

A thought crossed my mind…Surely with everyone staying home due to the #coronavirus, the crime rate would also be on the decline. To verify this, I read many online articles reporting on the rate of crimes during the lockdown. 

Indeed, many states have reported a decline in crime. For example, Chicago police saw a 17% overall drop in its major crime categories, among them robbery, burglary, and aggravated battery. I can just imagine thieves rethinking their strategies before attacking someone or entering a home that my be contaminated by the #coronavirus. 

Some states are reporting acts of vandalism against businesses that have had to close temporarily. People are throwing rocks into storefronts, and some are pilfering just for the heck of it. This is costing the already suffering store owners substantial amounts of money for repairs. 

A funny report covered the story that businesses are locking their toilets because people were stealing their toilet paper. It reminded me of a trip I took to Bulgaria when I was very young. Any time we entered a public toilet, we had to pay something like 10 cents to the old lady guarding the toilets. Then she would unlock the door and hand us 3 squares of toilet paper each. Ah! those were the days of luxury. 

Back to crime …. it turns out the biggest criminals are in fact working from home. They sit comfy and cozy at their computers committing cyber crime. 

These “clever” shysters had anticipated the shortage of hand sanitizers, toilet paper, and medical supplies and had stockpiled the products only to sell them at exorbitant price hikes on legitimate sites like eBay and Amazon. Others were creating fake 3rd party sites on marketplaces such as Amazon. These sites offer products supposedly on slight back order. They run your credit card details and send you phony shipping information for products you will never receive. 

Other criminals are exploiting people’s fears during the pandemic. Cyber attackers are sending bogus emails impersonating the World Health Organization with infected links to “important” health information, only to hijack your personal information. Others pose as charities collecting money for research. They claim that your donations will help find a cure.  

This is nothing new. Cyber attacks have been committed for decades, but I just feel so angry that no matter how dire the situation is in the world, there is always a group of people (other than politicians) waiting to take advantage of us when we are at our most vulnerable. 

I ask you to be diligent. Don’t fall for these scams and please don’t open any email attachments if you don’t know the sender is legitimate.

It’s Come to This. A Gimme Cap and a Dirty Oven

Sunny, the Global Cowgirl® in Frederick, MD

The Hell Train called Corona just keeps rolling down the track headed toward a mountain where no one’s dug a tunnel.

Just get a gander at the state of my oven. This is the reward for hunkering down, staying put, and cooking for myself!? Now I gotta figure out how to operate the Self-Clean feature on the blessed thing. I’m certain that’ll necessitate taking a Udemy online course just to make sure I don’t burn down my condo. Oops, better make sure my fire insurance is paid up.

To add indignity to inconvenience, I’m now sporting a gimme cap. Gotta do that to hide my skunk roots. Time for me will now be measured in the width of my skunk roots. I’m at Corona, Week 3 now.

By the way, I’m not including a pic of me in a gimme cap. Wearing one of those is wrong on soooo many levels.

A Week of Changing Weather
and Emotions

Norma B. Wallace, Bend, Oregon

Last week you met Puffin when I walked to the river. It was a sunny and beautiful day. I came home and put my chairs on the deck so I could enjoy the sun while I read. After all, I would have lots of time to read.

Wednesday I woke up to snow. Although beautiful – it’s cold. Today is overcast; not a blue patch in the sky. So the weather changes, so my emotions go.

Last week full of hope: we will get through this. Then: will it ever end?

Anger at the lack of leadership in the US — I don’t need to explain that one.  Hope that the leadership will change. Fear that it will not change soon enough. Hope that the experts’ views will prevail. Fear that the #Coronavirus will kill us all. Hope that a vaccine will be found or at least a cure.  

Feeling lonely to feeling so good because I have such a wonderful family who call, neighbors who deliver groceries to my porch, friendly waves as they walk by my house, hearing the clapping from the balconies in Spain.

Yes, I will end there. The sun is trying to come out. I must end with hope and still, my heart goes out to all who have hardships and personal losses.

On positive loneliness

RJD, Beirut, Lebanon

A dear friend once told me, “enjoy your loneliness, your positive loneliness.”

To this day, his words always come back to me. At the time I was living alone, just coming out of a bad relationship, 38 something old, thinking the end of the world has arrived. When we were on one of our lunch dates, he said those wise words to me.

Since that day, whenever I feel lonely, I turn my loneliness into positivity. It’s magic. I know in these apocalyptic times, we all don’t think of anything positive, but we must.

I turn to social media and it’s all negative. Death, coffins, more statistics on Corona. But we don’t look at how many recoveries: 600,000-some cases worldwide but almost 136,000 recoveries. That’s a 23% recovery rate! Hooha!

I start my Groundhog Day again at 6 am but see myself coming up with a busy day doing things I have been postponing for years. Hooha again!

So today, tomorrow, next week, turn your loneliness into a positive and see how, with time, you begin to enjoy the time alone. It will feed your negative energy into positivity.

Now I am going to take out my binoculars and stare at Venus and the moon again. It’s a beautiful sight. Big HOOHA!

I Will Survive (Coronavirus)

Sent by Anonymous to the friend of a friend


At first I wasn’t scared. Now I’m petrified.
Coronavirus closing in on me from every side.
And so I spend all of my days reading everything I can I understand
That human contact must be banned.

And so I’m here, Inside my space
I just looked out and there are people. I just saw somebody’s face!

I would have bought that stupid mask, I would have stocked up on TP
If I had known for just one second they’d come anywhere near me.
No I won’t go, outside my door. I turn around now. 'Cause I’m not leaving anymore.

That orange man keeps try’n to tell me it’s OK
I don’t believe him. And so right here is where I’ll stay.

Oh no, not I, I will survive
Oh, as long as I can stay alone, I know I'll stay alive!

I've got all my life to live, And I've got no disease to give
I will survive, I will survive...

Hey, hey!

It takes all the strength I have not to venture out
I’m trying hard to entertain myself and go without
And I spend oh-so-many nights binging HBO and Prime, It is a crime
But now I have to kill the time... 
and watch TV...I’m getting fat..I'm just a chained up little person. Not the old gym rat.

Don’t even think of dropping in and just expect to talk to me, Cause I'm saving all my talkin’ for the day we’re virus free..

Go on now, go, please leave my door
Just turn around now, 'Cause no one’s welcome anymore!

That orange man keeps try’n to tell me it’s OK.
I don’t believe him, And so right here is where I’ll stay

Oh no, not I, I will survive!
Oh, as long as I can stay alone, I know I'll stay alive
I've got all my life to live
 And I've got no disease to give. 

I will survive
I will survive
Hey, hey!

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