Post 53#Coronavirus and a global perspective…

…on projects we’ve accomplished during lockdown

Self, version 2.0

RafifJ, #Malaga, #Spain

So much time and nowhere to go! The #Coronavirus has freed up a lot of hours for me, even though I’ve had consistent work during our 53 days of lockdown. But 52 days ago, I had no idea how long it would be before I once again had places to go and people to see.

Right off the bat, I organized and re-organized my closets. I deep-cleaned the kitchen cabinets. I reorganized shelves. As time wore on, I organized some of my electronic files. I watched a lot of really bad Hallmark shows on Netflix. I finally ran out of little organization projects I could do at home.

So I started on the most important project of all: myself.

In 53 days, I’ve had time to consider how I react to emergencies or crisis situations, especially around my kids. I’ve come to learn more about strengths and weaknesses I didn’t even know I had. I’ve questioned my values, ethics, and beliefs. I’ve shed some habits (mindless shoe shopping, for example) and tried to pick up some others (mindfulness and patience). In my 53 days of introspection, I am learning who Rafif 2.0 is becoming.

Now that I’m able to go out and see the sea, I feel a sense of calm even though I’m still a work in progress. And guess what? I’m at peace with that, and that makes me happy, and that’s a great accomplishment.


RJD, #Beirut, #Lebanon

I still have to digitize my old photos, but I managed to clean up my music library and update my playlists. That was so good because I needed music during this time.

I still have to wash and pack my winter clothes, but I managed to weed through summer clothes and give away a lot of what I will not need in the new “normal.”

I still have to fix my files and I hate doing filing, so I am waiting to get rich (ha!) and hire a filing assistant. Shelves until another day. 

What I loved most during this lockdown is discovering my hidden talents as a handyman, plumber, computer guy, pool man, to name a few. Here in Lebanon, usually, you call “someone” and since labor used to be cheap, things get fixed without needing online instructions!

But what I am so proud of is I managed to de-clutter so many closets and reduce things that had a way of occupying a corner for absolutely no reason. For years. Now, I have room for all that toilet paper!


Norma B. Wallace, Bend, #Oregon

How many projects around the house can you do? I have sorted my closet so many different ways. What were the projects that I really enjoyed? There was one closet filled with photos. That is the one that I enjoyed the most.

Each one of the pictures brought back memories of trips – the ones in the picture are all around Oregon. It took forever to go through them because I would stop and remember the experience. The top picture is cross-country skiing in town. Actually, I was on snowshoes, but the skier looked so graceful gliding along. The picture of the swing is the last photography photo shoot my husband and I went on in Oregon. It was so special, as the whole four-day trip was in places that meant so much to us and we were with people who meant a lot. Then there were family pictures. It took hours to go through one box. Oh my, my grandkids are so cute. Those took a day to go through. I still have more to do; it was really not a chore but a wonderful time going down memory lane.

The most worthwhile project was the one where I made masks for a few people who needed them so they could go to work. I am not an accomplished seamstress or quilter who makes the pretty masks, but mine got the job done. I was so glad to be able to help and it made me feel like I was part of the solution during this pandemic and not part of the problem.

I have actually enjoyed doing projects about the house. I know I wouldn’t want to do them all the time; I still have a lot to do on my bucket list.  Maybe I will start tacking a few hours a week to do projects around the house. If I did that—there wouldn’t be so much to do that it seems overwhelming and therefore never gets done.

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