Spain 2018

Welcome to my site!

In 2011, I switched from my management consulting business to work related to the uprising in Syria. My family, friends, and paying work all had to take a back seat as I collaborated with fellow activists to spread the word – first about the peaceful protests, then the genocide of the Syrian people, while the international community watched and the Assad regime got away with murder.

Over the past few years, I’ve had a lot of emotional and psychological ups and downs, not to mention some pretty significant financial setbacks. But there’s nothing like horrible, horrible war to give you better context as to who and where you are in life. Today, I’m back to work. I’m grateful that my kids are healthy and that we’re not refugees, dead after a barrel bomb or chemical attack, in prison being tortured, or displaced and waiting for death.

Also today, I realize that I have plenty to say about life outside the Syrian context. Here’s my opportunity to “talk,” uninterrupted!

So this is my blog – my forum to rant, pontificate, question, and think out loud as I ponder questions of justice, changing the social narrative, women’s empowerment, and diversity of thought. And because I don’t have all the answers, I invite everyone who wants to, to contribute their thoughts on these and other subjects.

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