#Coronavirus and a global perspective

Well, two: Beirut, Lebanon and Malaga, Spain.
A couple of friends and I have decided to chronicle our experience during the lockdowns, quarantines, travel bans, and other restrictions during the #COVID-19 pandemic. More perspectives welcome – if you’re interested in sharing yours, please send me a guest post!

From @rafifj

Welcome to surreal #Malaga, where the partying has stopped. Along the bright plazas, in the full glory of beautiful blue skies and sunshine ….nobody is around to participate in the normal daily eat-drink-be merry routine.

A couple of friends and I head to the beach for a change of scenery. Surely Coronavirus cannot infect a beach?

Much to our surprise, the long stretch of coast is cordoned off. We think this move is designed to warn residents: On Monday, Spain will be on total lockdown. Beach police on their Segway scooters stop at the few shops that have remained open, telling personnel to close NOW.

As we head to our homes, we note the deserted streets. Is this a glimpse of the future?

We elbow-bump and go indoors.

From RJD in Beirut

Beirut is one of the noisiest and most polluted cities one can be in. Today, looking out onto the usually packed parking lot across the street, there were 3 cars, no one walking on the street, no cars tooting their horns and, more importantly, we did not get our daily minimum 3 hour power cut! Therefore, we did not need to turn on our Diesel generator and polluted Mother Earth less.

But my thoughts were on what Mother Earth wanted us to learn from this new virus that we created. Yes, we created it because we are so abusive of our planet and are causing havoc to it.

Today, I learnt to keep myself busy and entertained. I also learnt humility. Patience. Appreciation. Positive loneliness and most importantly, laughing with a bunch of close friends who live in Europe and the US.

Next post in a couple of hours.