Writer’s Block. Or: Writer’s Block.

person typing on typewriter
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

I’m staring at my laptop screen again and wondering why it is that I often think I have a lot to say but then suddenly draw a blank when trying to express my thoughts.

I’m told this is writer’s block. (Does that mean I’m a writer?)

It’s sort of funny, this writer’s block thing. The other day I responded to someone on Quora – and that’s another story, the story of Quora and how my new hobby is to obsessively answer some interesting and some outrageously stupid questions posed by others.

Anyway, the person’s question was how to get motivated to write. In their situation, they had plenty of thoughts but nothing came out when they tried to put pen to paper. Or fingers to keyboard. So I suggested they do something else, like take a walk or watch a movie or read something. I assured them that soon enough, inspiration would come.

So why can’t we take our own advice? We tell others not to stand up their friends in favor of a date, or to walk away when a relationship is bad, or to confront our demons. Then we rationalize our own indecision, poor choices, and stupid mistakes.

It’s always easier to dispense advice than to live by our own words. It’s easier to be objective and clinical when it’s not our own hearts or emotions or feelings on the line.

In any event, I’m now going to go¬†for a walk. Then I’ll read something, and later tonight I’ll watch a movie. And hopefully I’ll start taking my own advice when I say and do outrageously stupid things.