Satanists and Supremacy

Yesterday I saw a bunch of guys in costumes. I thought they were practicing for Halloween. I was wrong.

Me: “What’s up with the costumes? Is there a convention?”

Him: “We are having a Satanist conference to worship Beelzebub, our lord and savior.”

Me: “Oh.”

Him: “We will be sacrificing a goat later this afternoon.”

Me: “Oh.”

I am not making this up. 

So the Satanists are holding a conference and sacrificing a goat. Apparently animal sacrifice is protected religious expression. Meanwhile, white supremacists are preparing to march in Washington, D.C. this weekend. All these folks, except the goat, have protected First Amendment rights.

But NFL players who choose peaceful protest by kneeling during the national anthem – not killing defenseless animals or wanting to eradicate other races – can be penalized.

Donald Trump has implied that people who kneel during the national anthem should be sad facestripped of their citizenship and deported. Because they are disrespectful.

So of course my mind wanders to a few questions:

Isn’t being a white supremacist “disrespectful”?

If more white football players kneeled, what would happen?

What if we all kneeled?

Not to protest the national anthem, but to protest creeping authoritarianism and rampant racism.

To protest the hatred that is sweeping the country. To protest the erosion of our civil rights. To protest the dismantling of democratic institutions. To protest the deliberate elimination of civility.

To protest the fact that peaceful protest, when committed by people of color, is perceived as a threat.

To protest the normalization of awful, period. 

To protest the fact that in 2018, in America, Not All Lives Matter.

Think about it.