Post 41: #Coronavirus and a global perspective on the first thing(s) we’ll do when it’s over.

We’re sharing our experiences, thoughts, and uncensored opinions during lockdown, quarantine, and self-isolation. For some of us, it’s DAY 41. 

All you need is sleep

RafifJ, #Malaga, #Spain

Here we are, Day 41. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to understand reality, virtual or otherwise, and time is becoming much more fluid as the lockdown rules eat away at my psyche. The current (Spanish) government guidance is that children 14 years old and younger can play outside for 1 hour, starting April 26. [There is no way, right, that I can get away with saying I also need to play? And I need sunshine, and a walk along the beach?] But hopefully this is just the beginning of a slow and gradual easing of restrictions for the rest of us.

What will the words “lockdown over” mean for us? Will we quickly jump back into our BC patterns? What are the first things we’ll do AC? I don’t know if we can ever go back to our old reality, and I’m sure we will engage in what used to be “normal” social behavior (like hug loved ones, go out to dinner, hang out at the beach) with more gratitude, now that we know what it’s like to be deprived of our people, our habits, our “normal.”

I know the list of first things to do is a long one….so I will keep mine short:


Yes, sleep. You know how dogs sleep on their backs when they’re super comfortable? Belly exposed, not a care in the world, trusting that all is right in their universe. That’s how I’m going to sleep. When the pandemic has been declared over, I will finally sleep, deeply – the kind of sleep that isn’t elusive because of insomnia, or interrupted by anxiety. I’ll probably do that for a couple of days. And then…and then, I will head to the beach for a quick walk in the sea, under the sun, on my way to the airport.

First things first

RJD, #Beirut, #Lebanon

I asked a few people around me about their ideas of what they will do when the lockdowns are lifted: “Go to the beach,” “Open my business,” “Travel on holiday,” “Go to a restaurant,” were a few of the answers I received.

…not go back to normal. That is my take on it right now. I am gearing up, for when the lockdowns ease, to change many things in my life.

First and foremost, hygiene. The diligence we have had to adhere to the past few months is going to be the way to go from here on out. However, I will use a lot more white vinegar to clean things than cleaning products. White vinegar comes in glass bottles, which are recyclable, as opposed to cleaning products, which are mainly in plastic containers.

Second, this lockdown taught me more of my priorities in my life going forward. Materialistic needs are gone forever. My needs are now to take care of my family, pets, garden, and self. I don’t need clothes, gadgets, and junk, things…I need to show care.

Family and friends. I will see my family and friends and cherish every moment with them. I miss being with them terribly, be it here in Beirut, or in Dubai, England, Spain, and the US.

Activism. I plan on being much more of an activist for many rights that a lot of us take for granted. The kafala system in Lebanon is one of them. Children trafficking. Recycling. Environment. I am going to have to find my niche and get going on it immediately.

Charity. I have always been charitable. But I am going to spend a lot more time doing more meaningful work that is direct and not through organizations. Boots on the ground.

And finally, give love. Remember, I am a bleeding heart and I want to be able to give love to every living being. I want to hug people and animals. I want to smile at every person I pass by on the street and say hello.

I also want to celebrate life and hope and gratitude.

What is the first thing you will do after lockdown?

Tina F., Fairfax, Virginia

Ahhhh!!! I dream about the end of this coronavirus a lot. But what is the first thing I will do? The list is long and includes the obvious like visiting family and friends, taking short trips, and vacationing around the world. However, before I can go back into “normal” life I need a personal reboot. I would love to go to back a place where I feel physically and mentally at peace. To a place surrounded by wonderful people and warm weather.

For the past three years, I have travelled with Studio Be retreats to Casa Om, a lovely boutique villa 2 minutes from the beach in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. We are there for one week of yoga, Pilates, meditation, food, sun, and camaraderie. For one week, I am surrounded by a group of mostly women who have travelled from around the nation to meet at Casa Om in Mexico. All with one intention: to give ourselves time for reflection and personal growth.

I am not an early riser, but when I’m at Casa Om I get up early. There is something rejuvenating about waking up before sunrise and walking to the beach for a sunrise meditation. The sand is still cool as you sink your toes in it. All you can hear are the rippling waves and chirping birds.

Every day there are a couple of yoga or pilates classes. The rest of the time you can sign up for massages, sound healing, participate in local adventure, or lay on the beach.

The first time I went there I was skeptical. I do not do yoga or meditate or eat vegan food. I did not let that get in the way and I participated in everything, even took part in a temazcal (a sweat lodge). By the end of the week my mind was calm, my body was relaxed, and I felt great.

The day after I arrived back in the USA I was in a restaurant picking up my food order, when the guy behind the counter said “you look so relaxed like you are glowing” …. I looked around to see if someone had set him up or if there was a hidden camera. Who says that stuff? Had he just come back from a retreat? I must have had an aura around me. I took it as a huge compliment and left smiling even bigger.

So my post-coronavirus dream is not only to physically go back to that place in Mexico, but to have everyone open their minds just enough to let in the spiritual peace that surrounds all of us, no matter where we are. I know traveling to a place like Casa Om is a luxury that is not available to most people, but it is the thought that we can all work on our inner peace right here at home that inspires me. This lockdown has brought so many virtual resources to our homes. We are learning new ways to do almost everything. Maybe we can learn new ways to invite self-awareness so we can accept others and situations that are out of our control.

However, one thing I have come to value as irreplaceable is human interaction. That will never be replaced by virtual reality.

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